About Club House “GREENWOOD”

An apartment in a club-type house is not just housing, but a special lifestyle, in which maximum attention is paid to your comfort. You can buy a two-room apartment inexpensively, make it a good repair, but the level of your life will be far from ideal.

An important moment is the house “GREENWOOD”, in which there is everything that is required for relaxation after work and comfortable living. There are children’s playgrounds with soft cover, barbecue area. In the immediate vicinity of the building is a forest.


Forest massif

The house is located directly within the forest. Choose an apartment with thoughts about the future and forest views!

Elevator in the house

It’s no secret that the elevator in the “low-rise building” is not a mandatory requirement for the developer. But we did not forget about moms with wheelchairs and people with disabilities. Without an elevator to go down to the first floor will be very difficult. Therefore for us the availability of lifting equipment has become a matter of paramount importance.

Energy-efficient heating technologies

For heating of apartments we use the most modern technologies, which allow us to save up to 40% on utility bills.

Centralized air conditioning

Unlike individual air conditioners, the central system does not imply the installation outside the window of your apartment is not too cute outdoor unit, which spoils the aesthetic appearance of the building.


You can be sure — your children will be delighted with the new housing.
Spending time is more fun in the open air, because the play areas (grounds) are located right in the pine forest.

Parking space

For car owners — we equipped a spanking next to the house.

A park

Directly from the yard you go out into the well-organized pine park, breathe fresh air, along with the children feed the squirrel, enjoy the fellowship with nature.

BBQ area

Do you like to go to kebabs with family and friends? There is no country house where you can stay with an overnight stay, so as not to drive? The expensive driver?
We solved this problem for you — near the house, between the pines there is a barbecue area, water, a table for a large company under a canopy.

CCTV and closed territory

Thinking about your safety, we took as a basis the rule: “My house is my fortress” Enjoy peace and quiet about the rest WE take care – providing limited access to the perimeter closed territory and round the clock video surveillance.

Gene. plan of the house “GREENWOOD”


Transport accessibility

Your house is located right in the forest in the city of Kiev. It will not be difficult for you to get there:

By car:

  • From the metro station “Lesnaya” — 6 minutes
  • From the metro station “Chernigovskaya” — 9 minutes

By public transport:

  • From the metro station “Lesnaya” — 12 minutes (906/326/340)
  • From the metro station “Chernigovskaya” — 21 minutes (335/340/705)

Shopping and entertainment sector

Just 10 minutes from your house there is one of the popular places for rest -Art-Plant “Platforma”, and also such places as:

  • TRC “Darynok”

Recreation area

When designing your house, we took care of the coziness and the territory for rest. Near your house, there is a well-arranged pine park. For your children, a playground has been created on the territory of your house. And, of course, for you, we created a barbecue area. Breathe in the fresh air!

Your home will look like this

To find out all the details about the apartments you can:

+38 068 427 23 42

Kyiv city, Kislovodskaya str., 100

Want to buy an apartment in Kiev, but do not know where? Do you like real estate on the left bank of the capital? Or do you need a lodging near the subway? LCD “Greenwood” – a place for people who need comfortable apartments with the necessary infrastructure nearby.

The residential complex is located near the general education school, library, supermarket, construction shops, bank branches, cafes and other important institutions. Clean forest air 365 days a year, you are provided, because right next to the LCD “Greenwood” is a large pine forest.

The new building is conveniently located in the Desniansky district, 10 minutes from the metro. If you are traveling by car, the road to the center will take you no more than half an hour thanks to an established network of highways. Buying an apartment in the club house “Greenwood” near the metro station “Lesnaya” will be a profitable investment for you and your family and will bring even more vivid emotions and impressions into your life.

Choose comfort at an affordable price with Greenwood.