One-room apartment 1a

Area: 15.29 / 43.31 м²


One-room apartment 1b

Area: 15.29 / 43.72 м²


Studio apartment 1v

Area: 19.30 / 34.40 м²


One-room apartment 1g

Area: 15.40 / 43.09 м²


Studio apartment 1d

Area: 19.68 / 34.94 м²


Two-room apartment 2а

Area: 33.34 / 59.57 м²


Two-room apartment 2b

Area: 33.34 / 59.57 м²


Two-room apartment 2v

Area: 43.24 / 74.22 м²


Three-room apartment 3a

Area: 40.21 / 73.51 м²


To find out all the details about the apartments, you can:

+38 068 427 23 42

Kiev, Kislovodskaya st. 100

When we think about buying an apartment in Desnyanskiy district of Kiev, we assume the purchase of housing near the metro. For example, you can buy an apartment near the metro station “Lesnaya” in the LCD Greenwood. The distance from the house to the metro is less than 3 km, so you will know exactly the time to the “subway”. “Greenwood” offers to invest in comfortable apartments, namely in:

One room apartments

On sale there is real estate for every taste. 1-room apartments with an area of ​​34.40 m², 34.94 m², 43.09 m², 43.31 m² and 43.72 m². Choose what you like best and enjoy life in the new club house.

One-bedroom apartments

If you think that “odnushka” is not for you, we advise you to pay attention to the housing of the two rooms. In it, you can well equip space if you have kids. There are 2k-apartments on 59,57 sq.m, and also on 74,22 square meters.

Two bedroom apartments

A successful planning solution in a 3-room apartment with an area of ​​73.51 square meters will give you only pleasant emotions if you want to buy a house in a club-type house “Greenwood”. You can buy real estate as a full prepayment, and in installments.